• BEAUTY SLEEP™ Overnight Treatment Powder
  • BEAUTY SLEEP™ Overnight Treatment Powder
  • BEAUTY SLEEP™ Overnight Treatment Powder

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BEAUTY SLEEP™ Overnight Treatment Powder


BEAUTY SLEEP™- Innovative Overnight Skin Treatment Powder

Treat & Erase Acne, Clogged Pores, Blackheads and Other Naughty Skin Behavior with Natural Minerals & Botanicals!

Skin not behaving the way you want it to? Treat it while you sleep with Brazen's new miracle overnight powder. Clear up even the most stubborn of acne. We really cannot say enough about this innovative gem!

We created a proprietary blend of minerals, anti-oxidants and botanicals to combat a wide range of skin issues. Clear up acne, unclog pores, exfoliate, create a smoother & clearer canvas... all while you sleep! Bedtime never looked so beautiful!

Kaolin clay & calcium carbonate helps absorb & balance oil production, while cleaning pores. Zinc stearate helps calm irritated/inflamed skin. Allantoin is amazing for soothing red or sensitive skin. Salicylic acid is nature's Beta-Hydroxy Acid that kicks pimples' butts while helping skin turnover, creating new, fresh skin cells. Green tea & rosehip extracts add anti-oxidants, which are reported to combat aging signs. We even add chamomile extract to pamper your skin while leaving it as soft as a baby's.

Basically, it's everything you need for the skin that makes your girlfriends want to know your secret. "It just happens while I sleep", you can coyly answer.

This powder is semi-translucent, with a bit of a pink tinge. It soaks into skin in a few minutes, leaving a matte finish. But since you are wearing it overnight, who cares, right? ;)


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